Threely helps you do more with blockchain

The global blockchain market is proliferating. Institutions & the community practicing blockchain require a platform that is all in one where users can manage accounts and access trading from one central digital asset application in a convenient—fiat-like manner. 

Threely drastically bridges the gap between blockchain and its adopters by providing an identifier to blockchain wallet addresses, making interacting remarkably convenient. Providing an infrastructure that gives users new abilities to control their security with, stands Threely out of the rest.

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Threely is most useful when shared among functions. 
Creating unique synergies, hand-in-hand, with your platforms. 
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ProjectThreely What Threely Does
Threely Identifier
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Threely can be understood as DNS for blockchain wallet addresses. Threely shortens long wallet addresses & produces short three-word addresses containing meaningful and memorable words (for example – hey.its.alex, or Short & meaningful addresses are more natural to share than long, 25-45 character, complex blockchain addresses.

Threely is designed to bridge the gap between layman end-users & the perplexing technology—blockchain.
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Supports all blockchain networks on a single address

Registered corporate addresses available for your organization

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Completely eliminate lost transactions by human error

Convenient transactions for every platform and use cases with secure pseudonymity

Track transactions & generate reports

Corporate branding on users' addresses

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In the pipeline—
ProjectThreely Threely Wallet
Threely Wallet is a multi currency, secure wallet

Threely Wallet runs on Threely Protocol and is available on all your devices. Threely Wallet lets you create and manage all your blockchain assets from one app. Threely also enables you to lock & unlock your wallet on demand (or in case of theft). Syncing of wallets across devices makes much room for new and unexplored possibilities. Learn more at

ProjectThreely Theely API Threely Shortner
Threely Inject & 
Other components

Threely Inject is a browser plugin that safely detects blockchain wallet inputs in 3rd party websites and allows users to use Threely Addresses absolutely anywhere on the internet.

Threely NearMe is a portal connecting local buyers and merchants/sellers using Threely. Threely NearMe also promotes offers and deals on various brands & merchants. NearMe also provides a statistical reporting dashboard for merchants.

Threely Identifier API for businesses

Threely offers various APIs to organizations & institutions. Currently, we have opened our waitlist for the Threely Identifier API, which shortens blockchain wallet addresses (public key), smart contract addresses, and token IDs.

Existing organizations & institutions can use Threely APIs on top of their core platform, allowing businesses to make their services easier and more accessible to their customers.

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